Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pictures from adventures I have yet to Blog about...

I am so behind on this blogging thing! I really need to make it a habit...(yeah, like I should make exercise a habit!) I have pictures on the camera that I know I should blog about individually...but I don't have the time or here is a break down as I go through the camera....
My friends Susanna (from Finland) and Val (from the U.K.) We spent the day in Shanghai on Wednesday, May 25th. It was a great day...lots of shopping, and seeing the sights. Oh, and of course cocktails and dinner! These two lovely ladies have made my transition to China not only tolerable...but lots of fun!

A picture of Mark (the love of my life!) and I at a dinner with his team at Indian at the Cross (our favorite restaurant in Suzhou) We went out on Friday, May20th. with his employees. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed seeing employees I had met before and new members of his team!

A picture of where I play poker on a weekly basis. I plan on going tomorrow and take pics of all my poker buddies....they are a great bunch of folks!

 This is our driver Mr. Shen who drives us safely all over Suzhou...and Shanghai or wherever else we need to go...this man is a GEM!! This picture was taken after the team dinner...we went to a Karaoke place and he is demonstrating the use of tambourines!!

             This was taken at a luncheon to say "Good-bye" to Angela (on the left) She is from New Zealand and is leaving Suzhou to head back home. She is a real sweetie who will be missed! :(  My great friend Val is on the right. It's a real bummer to have to say good-bye to people, too frequently!

                            Angela and I....I will miss her!

  So, in a nutshell, that's what's been going on. A few others are leaving....I hope to connect with them before I  leave....A.B. is one of them...hopefully, I can at least connect with her before I go to say goodbye. If I don't  well, her family is being relocated to I may be able to see her when I am back home. That is the definite drawback to life as an expat....make friends and then have to say goodbye. The one plus is, I can actually say I have friends all over the many people can say that? I am truly blessed that I have been given this opportunity to live in a foreign country and meet people from all over the globe!