Sunday, January 1, 2012

Looking Back…and Looking Forward

As I look back on the incredible journey I have had
in 2011, I can say I am grateful. I am grateful for things I should be grateful
for and things I did not realize at the time; but in hindsight I am glad these
experiences happened to mold and shape the person I continue to evolve to
Moving to China and experiencing this
vast land and its rich culture.
Being able to meet people from all over
the world and count them as friends
The frustration and tears of living in a
foreign country and learning to deal with the stares, picture taking, and
language barrier in a country where I look vastly different then the natives.
Attempting to grocery shop and find
things that are familiar and experience new products not found at home.
Learning that patience IS a virtue and
practicing it regularly here.
Coming to the realization that my son is
an adult and I have to let go….21 years old and living on his own makes me
proud and sad. I’ve done my job raising him, but not wanting him to ever stop
needing me in his life. I am still attempting to find the balance.

As 2012 begins, I am left wondering what is in store for me? Mark and I will be taking some intense Mandarin lessons over the Chinese New Year holiday (later this month). I leave to head back to the USA on February 23rd. , so I can began my practicum for school. I will be finished with school at the end of May. What then? I don't know is the truthful answer. Should I look for a teaching job? Will Mark's contract get extended through 2013? Some of these questions I just have to leave and not concern myself with them until the time comes. I just like knowing what is in the works. But, we all know what happens when we make plans right...God laughs!
May you all have a very joyous and properous New Year and hopefully 2012 will be good to all of us.