Monday, May 6, 2013

Pictures and Updates!

Mark and I had heard that there was a replica of Tower bridge in London....and we set out to find it. Of course, our trusty driver/ "go-to guy" Mr. Shen knew where it was. Yep...a total replica of it in the city of Suzhou! There is also a photo of my handsome husband in front of a statue of lions. 

Garden visits are always interesting and make for pretty pictures!
Playing poker? Heck yes! I had an OUTSTANDING month in January in the Poker Club. I ranked number 1 and was rewarded with the "yellow bangle." This is awarded to the top performer of the month. I was also the first female to achieve this honor. I am still performing well, as I am currently ranked in the top 10. Let's hope this continues...I am having fun! :)
I am also still playing mahjong on Tuesdays as well. In this gathering, I am not fairing well, but it still is a lot of fun and a great way to meet other expat ladies and socialize.

There is also the EAS lunches. These are fun and entertaining. We check out local restaurants and have lunch and visit with one another. Another great way to meet some ladies you haven't had the opportunity to meet and chat with. 

Group photo of our trip to Cohngyuan Temple. It was a great day and very interesting place. I hope to post pictures in a future post of the HUGE Buddha "Goddess of Mercy" It was amazing. I am having issues with these particular photos! :(

The "Gateway to the Orient" is STILL under construction...with a lot of stalls. I believe they keep running out of money (so I've been told) and have to wait to obtain more investor money to continue. It's going to be MASSIVE whenever it gets completed. I sure hope to see it completed before we leave... but at the rate it's going; I have my doubts. 

   So, that in a nutshell; is what has been going on here. I am still having issues trying to post through Blogspot (Google). I am going to look into moving my blog to a different server/provider to see if it may be easier to log on and post.
   It's now been over two years that I've lived here, and it feels more like home and I feel much more comfortable here. It's easier to get around, to find grocery items, and just make a life here in general. I am extremely blessed to have this opportunity to live abroad and make friends from all over the world. I look forward to heading home in 2.5 weeks for a big chunk of the summer (I will be home from May 24th-August 9th). I am hoping to reconnect with friends and spend time with my family. Mark will even be home in mid June for a couple of weeks as well. It will be nice to spend time together as a big, loud, crazy family that we are! It's going to be a GREAT summer!  

Monday, February 18, 2013

Home Sweet Home....

       Hello Family, Friends, and Followers:

                         Mark and I are planning a little mini getaway to a couple of casinos. I have to get my poker fix in, and he needs a break from working on the house and car over the past week and a half. It will be nice to just spend a couple of days together driving, and relaxing.
                         First stop will be Blue Chip Casino in Michigan City, IN. It's a Boyd property and I got an offer for a free comped room. We've stayed there before and had a nice time. Then on Tuesday we will drive just a bit back into Michigan and stay at the Four Winds. We have also been here, but have never stayed at the hotel. We got a good deal on a we are staying there on Tuesday. We will head back on Wednesday. Just a quick little R&R to relax and rejuvenate.  I may even attempt to get a workout or two in while away, but I'm not going to worry if I don't. It is a little mini vaca.
                        Time is flying by since we've been home. I am amazed I have completed all my shopping and grocery needs to take back with us to China. I had a pretty extensive list, and I got all of it completed within the first week of being home. Now....we just need to pack it and make sure that we ave room for it all! I am not too worried about having to leave some things here at home. I head back here on May 24th through sometime in August. That's really only 95 days until I return to the USA. I will be solo over the summer. I also will not be working since someone decided I was not needed as a casual contingent RN. I was pretty wrecked about it at first; but now I realize it's an opportunity for me to find bigger and better things to do with regards to my time and with future employment. I get even more satisfaction in know that "KARMA IS A %*&$!" and someone will get theres in the long run. You just shouldn't treat loyal employees like that. So, that is all I am going to say about that.
                    I will hopefully take a few pics along the way during our road trip. I will post them sometime later with an update. Take care and until the next update.... CIAO!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Pictures, lots of pictures!

                                          Cheers! My handsome hubby says!

                                      My friend Michelle and I. We refer to each other as "Bad" or Good" Michele         depending on our mood and who is exhibiting the behavior! :P
                                             The EAS "Mix and Mingle in January at the Renaissance Hotel.

                                         Dinner after the Mix & Mingle at Damario's

                                              The professional photo taken at the EAS Christmas party
                                                 After dinner and a few glasses of vino!


                                      Some of my poker buddies. This pic represents the North American team. We have a tournament (RIJO Cup) in the poker club that is Team N.A. vs. "the rest of the world" Team North America took it (again), second year in a row! Check out the American flag in a maple leaf to represent our neighbors to the north (Canada). Love these folks!! <3

                                   My friend and poker sister Cecelia! She is from Atlanta, GA. She is a hoot and I have a lot of fun with her! :)

                                       Two of the poker players, Derek, and Gareth. Derek is from  Ohio (yeah, I forgive him!) Gareth is from South Africa. Both of these guys are a lot of fun to play cards with and pretty good poker players.

                                     Mark and I at the AGM Poker Banquet.

                                     Ronny (from Germany) a crazy poker lovin' guy.

   So, that's some pics. I plan on updating this Blog while home, and hopefully get caught up. I have been having difficulties in China with uploads and just trying to post things. Hopefully, it will get better/easier and I will continue.
   Stay tuned for more over the next few days......Ciao!