Friday, July 1, 2011

Back to the Grind...... I am back. I have been back in the good ole' USA since June 6th. (I was supposed to be back on June 4th...that's another long story that I'll save for another time!) I am working a couple 12 hour shifts a week on midnights (7p-7a). It is tough getting back in the groove and being a working stiff instead of going out to lunch, playing Mahjong, and taking afternoon field trips with the other housewives! I live a charmed life in China....but I love my life in the USA and wouldn't give up being an American for, ..WELL...ALL THE TEA IN CHINA!! :)
 So, I will be posting periodically, but not as frequently until I return to China. The schedule departure date is October 9th. Mark is coming home at the end of September and we are flying back to China together. So...that's what's going on for now...I'll let you know of any earth-shattering, ground-breaking news as it happens! In the mean time...I gotta get back to work!