Friday, October 12, 2012

TIME MARCHES ON...October 13th, 2012's been a while since I have blogged an update. Sorry, I sure was hoping to be a bit more on top of things now that I have completed school. Oh, but planning and hoping are not the same as doing.
  I have continued with attending the Powerhouse Gym pretty much every weekday. The only time I have not gone is if I have to be somewhere early, or the holiday(s) when they are closed! So, this past week was a full week of workouts at the gym. It has been a good feeling getting back into a routine and "getting my sweat on." Last week the gym was closed, and I was NOT happy. I did ride my recumbent bike and did a few different DVD workouts. At least I got some form of purposeful exercise in during the holiday week.
  The weather here has been absolutely lovely. In the mid to high 70's and sunny! I have been enjoying walking around the city to get to places. It makes for a much more pleasurable experience when the weather is nice.
   I have been playing in my poker league twice a week, and unfortunately; my poker slump continues. I have made a couple of final tables....but not in the money. Hopefully, that will change soon and I can report some winning! :) Mark and I will also attend a "Casino Night" next Saturday, October 20th that is sponsored by the EAS (Expatriates Association of Suzhou) and all proceeds go to charity. The EAS does a lot in the community here for the local orphanages and other charitable organizations. It's nice to work on these events and do something positive for charity. There are many generous people involved that not only give monetarily, but their time as well.

   I went on a Tai Tai trip on Wednesday that took us to Tong Li. Here is a great link for information on this city:
Here is a few photos as well:

            It was a fun trip and I met a few new expats. I am certainly glad that I got to go and enjoy a different city for the day. We toured a garden,  did some sight-seeing and shopping; and even went to the Chinese Sex Museum! An interesting and fun-filled day.
       This week Mark will be working on Saturday (tomorrow) so I will be on my own and will probably just be a tad bit lazy and do some leisure reading and catch up on some TV shows through my Slingbox and ON Demand. I want to watch a couple shows that I missed this week. So, that's what's going on in my world. Till next time...