Friday, February 15, 2013

Pictures, lots of pictures!

                                          Cheers! My handsome hubby says!

                                      My friend Michelle and I. We refer to each other as "Bad" or Good" Michele         depending on our mood and who is exhibiting the behavior! :P
                                             The EAS "Mix and Mingle in January at the Renaissance Hotel.

                                         Dinner after the Mix & Mingle at Damario's

                                              The professional photo taken at the EAS Christmas party
                                                 After dinner and a few glasses of vino!


                                      Some of my poker buddies. This pic represents the North American team. We have a tournament (RIJO Cup) in the poker club that is Team N.A. vs. "the rest of the world" Team North America took it (again), second year in a row! Check out the American flag in a maple leaf to represent our neighbors to the north (Canada). Love these folks!! <3

                                   My friend and poker sister Cecelia! She is from Atlanta, GA. She is a hoot and I have a lot of fun with her! :)

                                       Two of the poker players, Derek, and Gareth. Derek is from  Ohio (yeah, I forgive him!) Gareth is from South Africa. Both of these guys are a lot of fun to play cards with and pretty good poker players.

                                     Mark and I at the AGM Poker Banquet.

                                     Ronny (from Germany) a crazy poker lovin' guy.

   So, that's some pics. I plan on updating this Blog while home, and hopefully get caught up. I have been having difficulties in China with uploads and just trying to post things. Hopefully, it will get better/easier and I will continue.
   Stay tuned for more over the next few days......Ciao!

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