Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nov 1st...Where did the month of October go?

   Wow, October pretty much flew by! It's been filled with different activities and adventure. The EAS held a charity event last week-end that was a "Casino Night." We raised a lot of money for charity and people who attended said they had a really great time.
  Mark and I even won one of the 50/50 raffles! was the biggest one of the night. There was a lot of casino games being played as well as dancing and enjoying a cocktail or two. A fun night for sure.
    I also went to Ikea store in Wuzi with a couple of other expat ladies. It was fun to go, it almost felt like being back home again and meandering around the Ikea in Canton! (except the signage and price tagging was also in Chinese.) I found a couple of things to buy and use while here. Oh...and hello meatballs! I forgot you can buy the frozen meatballs that they sell in their restaurant. YUMMY! I actually used them in some spaghetti sauce and it was quite tasty if I do say so myself.  I have to remember about those meatballs.
    I have also been keeping pretty busy with the EAS organization. The craft Christmas bazaar is December 1st so the craft group has been busy making things. I am not at all crafty or talented in that area, but I do find things helpful to do and have fun visiting with the ladies as well. The Christmas party is December 8th. It's been a big task of the EAS to get things organized and done for that as well. That should be a nice dinner and dancing. Mark and I attended last year and we had a very nice time.
     I have a couple of dress choices. It will either be a print or a navy dress. I had them both made at a tailor at the fabric market in Shanghai.  Great...the photo uploaded in the TOTALLY wrong place...{see above} I can't seem to upload the other. Oh well! At least one of them uploaded. I will try again another time.
   We are still planning to head to the UK for Christmas and see Mark's side of the family. I also hope to touch base with my friend Valerie that I met here in Suzhou and she left to return home before I returned to Suzhou. I will be so happy to see her! So, I am looking forward to seeing my English family as well as one of my BFF's that I have not seen since last February. It will be wonderful to see her and catch up!
    Poker has been kicking my a$$ lately. I have been taking some pretty bad beats and have been discouraged, but I continue to play and try to push through it. I have fun...but the competitive side of me hates the continual bad beats and the losing! I shall continue in my quest for a win...
   So, that is what is going on in my life on the other side of the world.  I will try to stay a bit more current and try to post once a week. But, no promises. I have the best of intentions, but you know what people say about intentions...Till next time.....

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